How To Choose a Tennis Racquet

This quick post from our tennis coach Paul Annaconda who looks at what you need to look for in a new racquet…

In order to play tennis at this club obviously, you need a racquet. It is important to choose a racquet that will be beneficial to your game and your skill development. Many of the “Advanced” player’s racquets out there are physically too heavy for beginners to learn to swing properly.

But also, many of the “beginner” racquets that are marketed online are usually oversized and much too light. They often are 110 square inches in head size and weigh 10 ounces or less. These “beginner” frames as they are marketed are like trampolines in your hand and will send the ball flying. If you are trying to learn tennis then you need a racquet that has some weight but not too heavy, as well as resembling the shape of the same kind of racquets used by pros. Your racquet should allow you to hit the ball and allow your game to develop as you get increasingly comfortable with your strokes. In my next article we will be recommending some of the best tennis racquets for beginner players, but not the same “beginner” racquets that are advertised online.

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